About us


House of India is dedicated towards creating a greater awareness of India’s rich and varied culture in the San Diego community. Through active participation in the events organized by the House of Pacific Relations, the House promotes and showcases Indian art, history, music, dance, and ethnic food. This allows us to share the joy and spirit of Indian traditions in San Diego. House of India also provides an opportunity to interact with other cultures and promote universal understanding and goodwill.


House of India (HOI) was established in the year 2005 to promote cultural awareness about India to the San Diego Community and to over 12 million visitors who visit Balboa Park. House of India, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt California corporation and is member-based and governed by a Board of Directors. It is also a member of the House of Pacific Relations, (HPR), a non-profit corporation which is a consortium of 33 countries whose objective is to promote universal peace, multicultural goodwill, and understanding. Although we do not yet have a physical structure, we have enthusiastically promoted and showcased Indian art, history, music, dance and ethnic food to millions of visitors to Balboa Park through active participation in HPR events like December Nights, Ethnic Food Fairs, and the Lawn Programs. Hundreds of schools in San Diego make it mandatory for their students to spend a whole week in Balboa Park and learn about the history and culture of various countries by visiting the cottages. We have consistently and proudly shared India’s culture with the school children by hosting at the Hall of Nations.

House of India cottage construction:

We are pleased to inform you that the Indian Community in San Diego experienced a historic moment with the ground breaking ceremony on December 9th, 2016 to build a cottage in the nation’s largest urban cultural park – Balboa Park. San Diego City has assigned land adjacent to the existing cottages to build a two-leveled House of India Cottage. We will be starting the construction soon. Meanwhile, we have successfully raised $300,000 of the $450,000 needed to construct and equip the cottage. We are counting on the contributions of Indians living in San Diego, United States, North America and in India to support us financially to make this dream a reality. Indian culture is so rich, diverse and vibrant; there is so much joy in sharing our unique culture with world at large. Please donate whatever is within your means. Every dollar amounts to a brick that will help create this legacy for our children. Visit these links to learn more about the House of India Cottage,





House of India Board:

President : Salim Shah
Vice Presidents : Romila Notani, Vijay Navani
Secretary : Ajay Kumar
Treasurer : Rajshree Mudaliar
Delegate : Meenakshi Jain, Sneh Bansal

Alternate Delegates : Madhao Saste, Pooja Thomre, Francoise Shah

Board Members : Robinson Devadhason, Nanda Mehta